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Extra values for our clients

All parts pre machinated.

If you give us the measurements and drawings of your part, we can pre machinated, we can get closer to your final measurements and we have just the minimum of tolerance for the finished product.

This pre machinated has two benefits:

The first is that it let us to do a visual inspection and we can certify that the part we give you is ok.

The second benefit is that you reduce costs about material and machinated times.

Effective lab tests

In all of our processes (continuous casting, centrifugal, sand) each one of the alloys are submitted to lab tests before to do the casting, verifying that the alloy has the expectations and norms you gave us.


Solid Rectangular Metal
Parts with Models.


Solid Bars

It is a solid cylinder; it is generally transformed in several uses like arrows (flechas), gears, screws, etc.


Straight Bushings

it is a cylinder with holes; it has the same dimensions in both edges. Generally it is used for nuts, rings, seals, gears, bearings, hydraulic accessories.


Conic bushings

It is a bushing that resists the abrasion and wearing (deterioration) according to the kind of machinery required.



They are bushings that have in their external diameter an excessive of material, making the function of a bearing and are used in hydraulic equipments, concrete factories and steel industries. Generally the excessive of material is used to hold the part. This bushing can be of one or double flange, it can be located in the ends or in the center of the part.


Half bearings

Basically it is the same that a flange, the difference is that this part is separated in half by the length of the part (bipartido) and it can have flange.


Solid rectangular metal

These metals are some rulers or thin rectangles; they have the function of the wearing (deterioration) in the slippers cars, generally in the steel industry.


Half flanges

Exclusive parts for the glass industry; they are used like a model to make the sharp pint (corner) of the glass vases. They also are used with or without inserted. We can have them in rough, in white or totally finished.


Impellers and bowls

They are parts from hydraulic equipment. There are several sizes and shapes that help to the fluidity of water. According to the pump size they vary from half kilogram until 6 tons.



When the client ask us to produce certain controlled alloy, it is produced an ingot. Their sizes vary according to the client´s need.



Essential parts for the steel industry, they have the function of wearing (deterioration) in the bracket system, rolls of the rolling machinery.


Parts according to the model requested

There are a great diversity of products that can be done using the sand system; and their sizes, shapes and alloys are according to the clients and industry type.





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