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What is the bronze?

The bronze is an alloyed metal; it has the function of absorbing the wearing (deterioration) when it is applied like a repair part in machinery.







Thank you for visiting our web page. You will find here a description of the products we manufacture, the processes we use and company´s information.

Who are we?

We are a foundry of bronze according to you requirements, located at Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in Mexico.

Which is our specialty?

We specialize on producing bronze parts according to the clients’ requirements.

We generally give service to factories that are looking for bronze parts for their production equipment, to companies with lathe that require special bronze parts for their clients and distributors.

We have done jobs for industries like iron and steel, automotive, glass, naval, chemistry, sugar, mining and pumping equipment, and we attend to clients in Mexico and foreign countries.

During these 38 years we have specialized in solving no just technical problems but also the express delivering times. We invite you to contact us to have a talk and see what kind of alloy and which process is the best for producing your bronze part.

What products do we produce?


Which processes do we use?

We work with the process of continuous casting, centrifugal and sand. Many of our clients ask us which is the best process for their part. This depends of factors like cost, quantity and production time.

C. Manuel José Othon 2415
, Colonia Pablo de la Garza, Monterrey, N. L., C.P. 64580
Tels. 81-8355-7007, 81-8355-7008, 81-8354-0173, Fax: 83 55 60 29