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que es el bronce

What is a blushing?

A blushing is a cylinder part that covers the internal part´s side that turns around an exe to protect it.

What is a solid bar?

It is a solid cylinder, which generally is transformed in several uses as arrows, gears, screws, etc.








nuestros procesos  

In Metales Centrifugados, S.A. de C.V. we handle 3 processes:


Continuous Casting

In the process of continuous casting we work parts like bars, bushings, half bearings and solid rectangular metal, from 1 inch until 6 inches in external diameter. This process let us to get a bigger compactness of the grain than in the centrifugal processes and sand; we decrease in this way the factor of porosity from a part. In this process we can produce great volumes in short terms of time.
What we need for this process, it is that the external diameter of the part will not be more than the limit of 6 inches, and the other thing is that we handle a minimal production of 700 kilograms by measurement.



In the process we can produce blushing from 4 until 30 inches of external diameter. One real advantage is that in Metales Centrifugados, S. A. de C. V. every centrifugal blushing is pre-machining, reducing with this the porosity probabilities in the part our client get.
This process doesn´t require great amount of manufacturing and the most of the alloys don´t have details in the centrifugal process.



The process of Sand gives us the flexibility of manufacture any type of part and in any size, keeping our standards of quality. The only limitation in this process is that the grain compactness is less than in the continuous casting processes or centrifugal. However, because of the lab tests we do, and because all of our parts are pre-machining, we considerably reduce the risk of any problem in the part..











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